Cockatoo Crest white Lrg
Cockatoo Crest white Lrg

Cockatoo Crest white Lrg

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Code: WD4051-1
Product Dimensions: 12x9x32.5cm
Product Material: Resin


With its immaculate white comb standing high and posing proudly, the Large Cockatoo Crest is a must have decorating item to have. It is a known fact that ‘white' is a universal colour that goes on and goes with any other colour. Therefore, this beautiful Cockatoo would blend in perfectly with every interior decoration the customer can think of. Plus, it is also a very good pet toy for kids as well.

It may not be advisable to keep a live, living cock as a pet as these birds lack the ability to discern where to pass out faeces and where not to. But one thing that customers can conveniently have is the Cockatoo Large Crest that is a perfect imitation of the head and neck of the actual cock. Kids in particular would like it as a toy. Apart from being suitable as a toy for kids, it is also a beautiful decorating piece that is bound to change the outlook and feel of interiors and exteriors where it is placed. It would sit comfortably on bookshelves, office tables, study room tables, sitting room tables, tables in restaurants, counters in shops and a host of other places. The Cockatoo Crest has a beautiful body patterned as having feathers while on top of the cock's head sits an intricately outlined comb. It is complete with eyes and beak.

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