Beaming Crescent Hair clips
Beaming Crescent Hair clips
Beaming Crescent Hair clips
Beaming Crescent Hair clips
Beaming Crescent Hair clips

Beaming Crescent Hair clips

Crystal crowns
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Looking for a Stylish way to Enhance Your Energy?

Enjoy the magnificent Beaming Crescent, infused with the magical energy YOU NEED! This one-of-a-kind hair piece are Reiki-Infused for their intended owner, and offer emotional and spiritual aid. 


Love and Relationships — Choose the Rose Quartz for a flourishing love life! Our Reiki Masters will infuse your AlayaClips™ Barette with love, and it will show up wherever you need it most. Whether it's love for yourself, love for someone, or love FROM someone! 

Confidence — It's no surprise that our AlayaClips™ Barette is offering a Confidence boost! Choose any of these barettes for a spike in love, appreciation, and acceptance for yourself. 

Career Goals — Whether it's a raise, a new job, or starting a business, the Grey Moonstone Barette will shift your energy to take your career to the next level! 


With our team of Reiki Energy Practitioners, every single crystal receives its own personal meditation and energy-infusing session. Based on your vibration, we personally cater each crystal towards your individual needs and strengths. 

First, we clear all prior energy using a Singing Bowl, and ask for the crystal to emit any energy it has held on to. Then, we charge it under the Full Moon overnight, and ask it to reap all of the Full Moon benefits. Afterwards, the crystals are passed on to our Reiki Energy Practitioners, who personally infuse every crystal with energy needed for its intended owner. 


Every AlayaClips™ crystal will reach you with the utmost, purest energy. To further allow the benefits to thrive, we recommend the following:

 To Cleanse your Crystal:  Place your AlayaClips™ under the moon or sunlight, whenever possible. Give thanks to your crystal for it's energy, and ask for it to absorb the pure array of abundance from the energy source. 

✔ To Infuse your Crystal: Either run your AlayaClips™ crystal under incense smoke for 30 seconds, or play a singing bowl for it. With your eyes closed, imagine a stream of energy flowing into your crystal, whilst thinking about the energy you intend for it to hold. Do this for as long as you feel necessary.

✔ To Gift your Crystal: Thank it for all that it has done for you and ask it to provide strength, love, and happiness for its next owner. Optional: Educate the owner on crystal care for best results.  


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