Coral Branching White Sml
Coral Branching White Sml

Coral Branching White Sml

Bohemian Elyse
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Code: MO307-2
Product Dimensions: 8x8x18 cm
Product Material: Resin, Acrylic

Gift your interiors the comfort pf knowing that the things you love are in the ecosystem of your home and work place-after all with a coral sculpture so like the real life one, what more can you do than think of the times by the sea and the wonders of the ocean world that fascinates you no end. Here is one such replica that will stun you as much with its beauty as with its stylish impact.

Place it in the corner of the room, or simply on the console as you enter the home and declare the love you feel for things marine in the most dramatic of ways after all, you crave for the beauty and the serenity that the ocean world brings into your home. This culture has been created keeping in mind all the tiny details. The fern like pattern of the coral fans out in multifarious prongs the sparkling white colour making it seem fresh and pure muck like the beautiful ocean. Adding a few more of oceanic paraphernalia, perhaps some sailboats, shells and the likes will help build the theme more accurately. The height of this sculpture is all of 18 cm and it is propped up on a pedestal like rectangular stand that adds balance to its structure, its width and breadth is 8 cm and thus from every angle it looks like a well finished piece.

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