Framed Canvas Lone Pony

Framed Canvas Lone Pony

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Code: SA7861-2
Product Dimensions: 70x100x3.5cm
Product Material: Canvas, Resin, Pine

Please note: these are sample images only - the real product may vary slightly in colouring.

Ponies oozes of old-world charm, having unique significance in the mythologies of cultures around the world. A pony has the natural ability to stimulate happiness and positive changes. Furnish hallways and walls with a refined flair for domesticated inhabitants. Framed Canvas Lone Pony is sophisticated, an eye-catching piece and a statement piece in a gallery walls.

Framed Canvas Lone Pony is an excellent channel to accentuate blank walls. This photo print on canvas has a timeless and deluxe ring to it. It is a stunning display of Nature's essence that fit inherently into any decor style. Its satin-matte finishes are a fantastic show-off of one's passion for animals. This decorative wall art pays homage to the lovable creatures, ponies. For a bespoke gallery wall, fill up an entire space with framed photographs and other hall hangings. Arrange the portraits in a balanced composition or spice it up with an asymmetry arrangement. This canvas art makes a practical gift for any animal lover.

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