Framed Print Modern Figure

Framed Print Modern Figure

Bohemian Elyse
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Code: AW1578-2
Product Dimensions: 45x65cm
Product Material: Glass, Resin, Paper, MDF

The Framed Print Modern Figure is a uniquely appealing harmonious artwork which aims to present the modern society with its norms and cultures. The framed print depicts just about any modern home while showcasing a woman kneeling down on the floor as she tend to a potted plant. This naturalistic artwork is made through the use of four components: glass, resin paper and medium density fibreboard.

The modern human society has increasingly continued to advocate the planting of trees and growing of various plants so as to negate the effects of global warming. Aside the environmental benefit, we Australians in particular love to have our very own garden or at least keep some plants especially flowers around our environment. It is this same modern culture that this Framed Print Modern Figure portrays in an aesthetically charged manner. The canvas painting features a modern woman kneeling down beside a potted plant while tending to the plant.

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