High Tea


We Require 1 Day MINIUM Notice For High Tea Bookings. Please Keep this in mind when Booking. 

This Price is Per person attending 

what you receive 

1 x Jug of Peach or Lemon Ice Tea 

1x medium Hot drink of Choice each 

Platter boards in either option 

- mixed savoury & sweet 

- Antipasto & Cheese & sweet 

- beautiful set out themed table (If required)

what comes in your High tea

Normal option - 

Savoury tier
- Sandwiches
- wraps
- antipasto

Sweets tier -
- fruit
- cheesecake bites
- Brownie Bite
- macarons
- fudge
- chocolates & lollies


1x Jug of Peach Ice tea 

1x Hot Coffee or Tea 


Gf & Df Option
Savoury tier -
- quiche (cut into pieces)
- sausage roll (cut into pieces)
- crackers & Dip / Cheese

Sweets tier
- fudge 2x 1/4
- 1/4 muffin
- Raw vegan cheesecake slices (cut into pieces) 2 x 1/4
- 1/4 peach Ball


1x Hot Coffee or Tea 


 we will contact you to discuss all of your decorating needs. 


- Pastel Pinks

- Emerald Greens 

- Blushing Blues 

- Australiana

- Milestone Party (let us know what age we are celebrating)



- Australiana 

- It’s a Boy 

- It’s a Girl 

- Gender Reveal 

- We are Keeping It a surprise! (Yellow Tones)







- jug of house made peach or lemon ice tea 

- 1 hot drink each eg, Tea or coffee. 

- assortment of savoury foods eg, fresh sandwiches, fresh wraps, Pastizzis, mini quiches etc. 

- assortment of sweet foods eg, melting moments, tartlets, gourmet chocolates & lollies etc.