Led Lighthouse Portland
Led Lighthouse Portland

Led Lighthouse Portland

Bohemian Elyse
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Code: BT368-4
Product Dimensions: 7x6x13H cm
Product Material: Porcelain

Tiny accents for your home can be the best means to develop a theme with the least bit of effort. This 13 cm high LED light fitted lighthouse made of porcelain is a stunning décor accent that will take your coastal look home to quite another level of accuracy in display and bring such a refreshing feeling of the sea and its legend closer.

Made expertly by those who know how to get the best result from crafting and firing porcelain the right way. This tower like structure has been created with utmost delicate handing. The pure white colour lends more teeth to your coastal colour scheme and would look absolutely riveting when placed on mantles or bookshelves or even your corner table where it can shine with all its glory in the evening. You will love the tiny pathway leading up to the door, the even more tinier little opening on top of the tower and when the lights are on, the inside glows mysteriously. Add this to your marine or coastal themed space and all you ned to do is add tiny shells, maybe a ship in a bottle and a few fishes here and there, and you are pretty much done. A superb piece which displays the artistry and imagination of the creator as it somewhere connects with the symbolism of hope and brings along the lore of the ocean.

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