No.11 Bergamot Black Tea

No.11 Bergamot Black Tea

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About No.11 Bergamot Black Tea



Base size*: 50g

*This excludes the net weight of adaptions as add on options.


Organic Black Tea: Australian grown & processed pesticide-free

Organic Bergamot Leaves

Organic Rosemary

Organic Orange Peel

Tasting Note:

A warm, full bodied tea that is bright, fresh and bold. Dark amber in colour that subtle hints of fragrant herbs and burst of citrus. The taste is superior and the slight tannins will linger on the palate for a very refreshing tea.

Potential Health Benefits:

The infusion has many beneficial in several health conditions such aiding in weight loss by accelerating metabolism and enhances digestion by activating and promoting the secretion of digestive enzymes, acids, and bile; a natural sedative to reduce nervous tension, stress and anxiety by stimulating hormones like dopamine and serotonin; the antioxidant and antibiotic wards off skin infections, and lighten dark spots by evenly distributing melamine, thus ensuring a glowing skin; and the tannins present in the tea combat bad odour by cleaning the body deeply, along with decreasing sweat built up and accumulation.

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