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Handmade in Australia using quality products to make the best and natural perfume money can’t buy 

amethystos - the Greek word for amethyst  meaning. Not intoxicate . Seductively feminine scent , amethystos. Is a base note heavy with dark musk , musky vertiver , suede and Baltic amber, being lightened slightly by white violet . Sweet , powdery , long lasting, and infused with amethyst pieces , this fragrance will have the wearer feel like a Greek goddess 


de ljada - from the Spanish term for jade. ‘Piedra de Jjada ‘ meaning loins Stone . Infused with small pieces of crystal jade , de ljada - my interpretation of the scent of this stone is a fresh and herbal blend of chamomile , Lotus flower , jade & velvet moss 


in full bloom - so seriously floral , and the perfect scent for spring , this one will have you believing you are skipping through the floral fields in grasse France . A delectable combination of pink peony , Japanese cherry blossom, lotus flower & orange blossom . This scent is a stunning perfume 


loves bouquet - much better than flowers , say I love you with gorgeous  perfume ! Roses have long been the go- to flower to represent love and affection, but did you know that jasmine is for unconditional love , and that ylang ylang help a to bring forth passion , love & confidence. A perfect gift for the love of your life 


Rosa krustallos - Rosa - of the family rosaceae . Krustallos - Ancient Greek world for ‘quartz ‘derived from Kruos , meaning. ‘ icy cold . an absolutely stunning perfume , Rosa krustallos was inspired by the soft pink beauty of the rose quartz. Infused with gemstones , it is a soft floral blend of carnation, elderberry , myrrh & musk and is notably feminine. 

winter dragon - embrace winter with this exotic blend of dragons blood , tonka bean , amber , ylang ylang & pomegranate. Winter dragon is deep , warm & sweet, comforting on a cold evening