Pink Galah and Banksias Print

Pink Galah and Banksias Print

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The Galah, or Rose-Breasted Cockatoo is a beautiful and flamboyant Australian parrot known for its bold pink plumage. They are a striking sight when seen flying above a brilliant blue sky. Spiritually, the galah represents freedom and empowerment. If you have dreams, the galah encourages us to fly high to achieve these dreams, and to be fearless and spontaneous along the journey. Be true to yourself and stand out from the flock; the spirit of the galah will always be with you.

This beautiful meaning comes included with your print! Each artwork is created by Australian illustrator Carlie Edwards, by using a blend of watercolours and then finished with dozens of hours of coloured pencil work. You will love the stunning details of this piece.

Mix and match your favourite birds on the wall, or collect the full set! The Native Australian Birds collection are trending as gorgeous statement pieces to any interior, and also features the Kookaburra, Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, Rainbow Lorikeet, and Black Cockatoo.

Size Guide:

A4 Prints // 8.27x11.69" (similar to Letter size)

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