Rose Quartz Magical Crystal Crown (Personalized Energy)
Rose Quartz Magical Crystal Crown (Personalized Energy)
Rose Quartz Magical Crystal Crown (Personalized Energy)
Rose Quartz Magical Crystal Crown (Personalized Energy)
Rose Quartz Magical Crystal Crown (Personalized Energy)

Rose Quartz Magical Crystal Crown (Personalized Energy)

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Unleash Your Inner Queenwith this one-of-a-kind Magical Crown


✔ Psychic Boost — Time to unleash you inner psychic ability! Our Reiki Masters will infuse your Quartz with light, intuition, and wisdom, and it will come alive whenever you have it nearby. What a treat! 

✔ Intuition Enhancement — The Quartz will enhance your inner wisdom! Use this when dealing with a tricky situation, or when you need a clearer perspective in life. Quartz will allow you to see things clearly, and through an intuitive lens! 

✔ Clarity Increase — It's no surprise that the Quartz is offering a Clarity boost! Quartz is ideal for a spike in protection, awareness, and clarity.  

 Personally Infused — Offering only the purest energy, every AlayaClips™ Crown is personally infused for its intended owner. Your crown was made for you, and you specifically. 

✔ Handmade —  Every AlayaClips™ crown is carefully crafted by hand, with the most stunning details put into them! Every crown is one-of-a-kind, and created for you personally.

Quality Crystals —  AlayaClips™ are created with the highest quality of crystals, and are chosen specifically for you based on your energy.


With our team of Reiki Energy Practitioners, every single crown receives its own personal meditation and energy-infusing session. Based on your vibration, we personally cater each crystal towards your individual needs and strengths. 

First, we clear all prior energy using a Singing Bowl, and ask for the crystal to emit any energy it has held on to. Then, we charge it under the Full Moon overnight, and ask it to reap all of the Full Moon benefits. Afterwards, the crystals are passed on to our Reiki Energy Practitioners, who personally infuse every crystal with energy needed for its intended owner. 



Every AlayaClips™ crystal will reach you with the utmost, purest energy. To further allow the benefits to thrive, we recommend the following:

 ✔ To Cleanse your Crown:  Place your AlayaClips™ under the moon or sunlight, whenever possible. Give thanks to your crown for it's energy, and ask for it to absorb the pure array of abundance from the energy source. 

✔ To Infuse your Crown: Either run your AlayaClips™ crown under incense smoke for 30 seconds, or play a singing bowl for it. With your eyes closed, imagine a stream of energy flowing into your crown, whilst thinking about the energy you intend for it to hold. Do this for as long as you feel necessary.

✔ To Wash your Crown: Rinse it under lukewarm water for 30 seconds, with the intention to remove and wash away any negative or impure energies. Allow it to dry in sunlight, or set it down next to a himalayan salt lamp. 

✔ To Gift your Crown: Thank it for all that it has done for you and ask it to provide strength, love, and happiness for its next owner. Optional: Educate the owner on crown care for best results. 


  • Crafted with Natural Crystal Quartz
  • Created with an Alloy Metal Frame


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