Seal Dip Lrg
Seal Dip Lrg

Seal Dip Lrg

Bohemian Elyse
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Code: BT457-2
Product Dimensions: 19.5x8x11cm
Product Material: Ceramic

Did you know that fur seals love sunbathing on the rocks and can walk on all fours? This one prefers to stay in one spot though, posing specially for you while basking in the light! The scaled-down version of this adorable marine mammal is cute, smooth and glossy with an unbelievable likeness to the real animal.

Charming coastal themes exude from the handcrafted design of the seal that is ready to suit any personal home aesthetic. This 19.5cm x 8cm x 11cm size, baby seal statue is sculpted in detail, crafted from quality ceramic and then hand-painted in two colours of white and blue from its small, pert ears to its generous flippers. Ideal for a child's bedroom, coastal themed nursery or playroom, it is also perfect for adorning a spot in any living area, bedroom, study or commercial space. Our large seal will make a great pair with the small baby one (Product Code: BT456-4) making a wonderful gift set.

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