Slim Tea - 15 Days

Slim Tea - 15 Days

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About Slim Tea - 15 Days


15 Days Slim Plan ( Two boxes. There are 15 tea bags in each box. )
Recommend Two Tea bags everyday after meal ( Lunch & Dinner).
100% biodegradable corn starch tea bag with all natural Australian sourced ingredients.
Kickstarts your metabolism
Promotes natural weight loss
Reduce Bloating
Boost Immunity


-Organic Green Tea

-Organic Dandelion Root

-Organic Hibiscus

-Organic Lemongrass

-Organic Yerba Mate

-Organic Turmeric

How to drink it:

Put one tea bag in a teacup, pour in boiled water 300-500 ml. Brewing for about 1-2 min, it would be ready to drink. However, we do recommend to brew it for longer like 5 min to let all the herbal nutrition and functional properties released, it would work more effectively.

The same tea bag can make at least two infusions.


Ingredients Sourced within Australia

Blended & Packed in Australia

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